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Fishing in Galveston!

Galveston Texas Bay and Offshore Fishing Charters

Questions & Answers   
Q:    How do we get to the boat and what about parking?
A:    Take I-45 south to Galveston, exit at ramp 1C Harborside Drive. Turn left onto Harborside go about 7-8 miles to Holiday Dr. (4th street) Turn left onto Holiday Dr. (4th street) about ¾ mile to Galveston Yacht Basin. Tell the guard at the guard shack that you are going on a charter with Coastal Charter Adventures on "C" dock. Drive straight ahead to the main parking lot. Park as close to “C” dock as possible. Walk down to “C” 61.
Q:    What are the departure and return schedules?
A:  Offshore trips we normally depart at 6:00 a.m., unless otherwise agreed upon. And return around 3:30- 4:00 pm
B: Morning half day Bay and Jetty trips depart around 6:00 am. and return 11:OO a.m.
Q:    Do we need to make reservations?
A:    YES, it is always best to make reservations as early as possible, especially for weekends and holidays. Reservations are guaranteed with a $500.00 deposit for Offshore and $350.00 for Bay and Jetty trips. However, if the boat is not already reserved, we can be available on a short notice.

$500 deposit required on all OFFSHORE TRIPS
$350 deposit required on all BAY or JETTY TRIPS
In case of weather-related cancellations, or cancellations due to circumstances beyond our control, the deposit moved to another date. (or refunded if approved) Please note, checks are accepted for deposits only, CASH is required at the time of departure.
Any refunds of any kind (cash, checks,) are issued by company check and sent out within 6 to 12 weeks.
Credit Cards will be credit back to the original card within 6 to 12 weeks. Any cancellations from your ORGINAL scheduled date for ANY REASON will result in full loss of deposit! (NO EXCEPTIONS) Once vessel has left the dock any customer request to return to dock for ANY REASON will result in customer being charged in FULL for the trip that was scheduled.

Q:    How many people can we bring?
A:    We are licensed for 6 passengers and 2 crew members. 99.9% of the all charter boats can only carry 6 passengers by U.S.C.G. regulations. The party boats are about the only ones to carry more. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Q:    Will we need a fishing license?
A:  Yes, both state and federal laws require fishing licenses for any type of fishing
The National Marine Fishery Service is the federal agency that sets all fishing regulations from 9 to 200 miles off of the Texas coast. We strictly adhere to all fishing regulations. A copy of the federal regulations is available at http://www.Gulf 
Accurate measurement is important! Most fish shrink up to 1/4 inch after being on ice. If a ticket is issued, it goes to the angler.
Q:    How long is the boat ride and what is the game plan?
A:    Bay and Jetty trips: We usually travel from 30 to 40 minutes from the dock, or 5 to 8 miles before we begin fishing. We may fish several spots.
Offshore trips: We usually travel about 45 min to an hour to our first stop. Once there we may fish 4 or 5 different spots in the area to see if we need to travel out further. Our fishing area is normally about 30 to 40 miles offshore in 50 ft to 100 ft of water, but some customers like the blue water fishing for bigger fish in 50- 100 mile range. We fish several areas. Each area has several different fishing spots; this means hundreds of places to fish! The captain takes several things into account when he picks an area to fish. We enjoy taking people fishing. Our customers are great people and good friends. The best compliment that we here is: "WOW this is the biggest fish I've ever caught!!"
Q:    What do we do with the fish and who cleans them?
A:    The fish that you catch are yours to keep, provided they are legal. You may take them home whole or get them cleaned at the dock. Remember we work hard for you, and our crew relies on tips. ( 20% is customary.)
Q:    What should we bring with us?
A:    Wear soft soled shoes (no black sole) and dress for the current weather conditions. Don't forget any medications that you may need during the day. You need to bring you own food and drinks. Bring it in medium (90-100 qt) sized cooler. NO GLASS CONTAINERS (bottles) are allowed on the boat. No HARD LIQUOR.  Extra clothes, rainwear, sunglasses, seasick medicine, camera, hat, sunscreen, and a cooler to take your catch home in. There is a shower at the GYB.
Q:    Is there a DECKHAND to help out?
 A:    Yes, He will help you and your group with all of your fishing needs. Don’t forget to tip. (20% is customary) You may give the tip to the Capt. And he will disburse accordingly.

Q:    What about Kids?
A:   YES, We teach kids to fish. And assist them however, we do not baby-sit. Please no one und 6 bay/jetty trips and 10 and older offshore
Q:    Can we bring alcohol?
A:    You may bring beer, NO hard liquor, No glass containers. Alcohol must be consumed responsibly. If you intend to get on the boat and get drunk, you're on the wrong boat. If anyone becomes intoxicated or becomes unruly, the captain may terminate your trip with no refund!
Q:   Is there an ice chest on board for fish?
A:   Yes we have an ice chest big enough for all of your fish to be kept cold and fresh.
Q:   Do we anchor or troll when fishing?
A:   Sometimes we troll or drift, or anchor so that everyone can get into the action!
Q:    Can we bring our own equipment?
A:    Yes, but we do have good tackle on board for everyone. For safety reasons, we allow only one hook per leader.
Q:    What about Sharks?
A:    Sharks are a lot of fun to catch Most of our Shark fishing is catch and release occasionally we will keep one. In warm weather we may catch up to 10-20 per day from 3 to 5 feet long.
Q:    What about motion sickness?
A:    People do sometimes get seasick, Prescription strength medicines are available, talk to your doctor about the (patch). A good night's sleep and normal diet is a good means of prevention. No achochol the night before can help reduce it also. If you have problems with motion sickness on airplanes or cars, you may want to consider bay fishing. In the bay, we generally fish in calmer waters.
Q:   What about expectant mothers?
A:    Sorry, we do not recommend taking expectant mothers offshore, consider bay fishing.
Q:    If I have a permit for a firearm, may I bring it?
A:    NO, we do not allow firearms to be carried on board, no exceptions.

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